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Wild Grey

About the Wild Greys Project

The grey partridge, Perdix perdix, is an iconic farmland bird native to the UK and many other European countries. Whilst once a common bird in our countryside, reduced habitat availability has led to a dramatic decline in their numbers. They have now become locally extinct in many parts of the UK and other European countries.

Research into the ecology of grey partridges has led to the development of management prescriptions designed to address their habitat needs. Many of these prescriptions now form part of national agri-environmental schemes and their implementation by landowners has increased the amount of habitat available to grey partridges... Read more

Project Aims

The Wild Greys Project aims to promote, support and research the re-establishment of wild grey partridges to landscapes across Europe.

  • Promote: Promote the sustainable re-establishment of wild grey partridge populations.
  • Support: Support members by providing access to online tools, resources & expert advice.
  • Research: Conduct research to help improve the success of re-introduction projects.

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