What is the Wild Greys Project?

The Wild Greys Project is an initiative aimed at providing online advice and support to anyone interested in re-establishing wild grey partridges and other game birds through releasing captive-reared birds.

Can I use the site to help re-establish other game birds?

Yes. While the site was primarily set up to help grey partridge re-introduction projects, it is equally helpful for those releasing pheasants, red-legged partridges, northern bobwhite or any other game bird. If you are releasing another game bird species and need us to add something specific to the website, please get in contact with us.

How much does it cost?

It is completely free to use our site.

Can I register more than one project?

Only one project can be registered per Manager. Therefore if you are releasing birds on multiple sites these should be treated as one project. Alternatively, different Managers could be assigned to each release site.

What online tools are available for Project Managers?

Through a combination of easy to use forms and maps, Managers can keep detailed records of their birds before and after release. All information entered can be easily viewed and edited at anytime. Managers can also register their birds using our unique project leg rings to help understand movements and survival after release.  All Managers have their own project Tracking Map to easily view all bird sightings, findings and releases.

Where can I get Wild Greys Project legs rings from?

Currently, Project leg rings are only available from Perdix Wildlife Supplies.

Can other users see my Project information?

No. Only Managers can view their Project information.